A word about Elder Abuse

Many think elder abuse is just in physical form. Hitting, pushing, shoving or otherwise being rough with an elderly person.

Did you ever think that an elderly senior could abuse themselves? Ones that cannot think or act in their best interest is self-abuse, whether or not they realize it.

Having a senior with dementia responsible for her own medications is a form of elder abuse.

Having a senior who lives alone without proper nourishment or clean water is a form of elder abuse.

Having unqualified help look in on a senior, who steals their medications, is a form of elder abuse.

Leaving seniors alone in soiled beds or other unsanitary living conditions is a form of elder abuse.

And don’t forget about financial exploitation, possibly one of the most common forms. From their money in the bank, to their valuables, to scams, to their credit, to their tax returns, it happens every day.

I personally know a young lady who has bilked her grandmother out of so much money that the lady ended up with a mortgage.  Her home had originally been paid off years earlier with her husband’s life insurance policy. The lady entrusted her granddaughter to take care of her, yet the granddaughter got her to sign “some paperwork” and the grandmother ended up in a nursing home through Medicaid.

We have a network of local professionals, the Elder Abuse Prevention Network. This group meets monthly to combat elder abuse and educate the public on awareness.

If you have questions on how you can support the cause, please call the Area Agency on Aging at 910-395-4553.

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