Tax Assistance 2019 tips and helpful information


Here are some things that may help you as you plan to come to the Senior Resource Center to get your income taxes prepared.

  • This is a free service provided by trained volunteers in the VITA program: VITA – Volunteer Income Tax Assistance. Our main goal is to prepare and file taxes for senior citizens aged 55 and older who have very little money. We will help those who makes less than $54K per year but the program works best when we help seniors who cannot afford to pay for preparation and filing.


  • We do not take appointments. We reserve blocks of time. You cannot call ahead and make an appointment. The process is: come and secure a place in line before 8am at the front door. Once the doors are opened, everyone is given a block of time for that day. You can select a block of time for that day (but not days in the future), then come back 20 minutes before your time slot to fill out the paperwork.


  • On the first day, we do have quite a line before the front doors open at 8am. I have seen at least 72 seniors standing outside the front door, some of which arrived at 6:30am to secure their place in line. No joke. This is the case for the first 5 days. After that, the line goes down somewhat. We also experience long lines on the last 5 days. Please don’t wait until the last day; we have had to turn people away because all of the time slots were full, and all we can do is refer you to one of the paid services. Mid-March is the time when we have the shortest lines.


  • Tax preparers do not have access to a phone. Please turn your cellphones to vibrate.


  • Parking can be a problem. This will add to the already strained parking space shortage. Also, our main road in and out goes past the Hoggard High School student parking lot. It is especially hard to get through the traffic from 8am – 8:30am and 3:30pm – 4:00pm. Plan accordingly.


  • Our Lobby can get rather full. We have seniors waiting for Medicare appointments or waiting on transportation. You may leave and come back once you have secured your block of time. If you have registered with our Center (filled out a Green Form) and are 55 or older, feel free to use our pool tables, treadmills, or other exercise equipment while you wait. Children are not allowed on the equipment at any time.
  • Coffee and iced tea are available in the Cafe for 25 cents per cup. Lunch is available to seniors 60 and older, however we must serve you after 12 noon without a prior reservation. Please ask Margaret Bryant after 12 noon if there is lunch available for a senior without a reservation.

What to Bring!

  1. Picture ID (a MUST),  address and local phone number.
  2. Social Security card (a MUST),  and Date of Birth for self, spouse and all dependents.
  3. Wage statements (W-2’s and 1099’s) from all employers.
  4. Pension, Social Security, and/or Railroad Retirement statements.
  5. Interest, dividend, and Brokerage statements.
  6. For itemized deductions: Out of pocket costs for health insurance and medical expenses/Home mortgage interest and real estate property taxes paid in 2018/Charitable contributions
  7. Your 2017 tax return. Bringing it may save you money and time.
  8. Any other tax documents related to 2018.Checking Account routing and account numbers for direct deposit.

    10. All ACA (Obamacare) statements (1095-A, 1095-B, 1095-C) that you received. If you purchased insurance from the Marketplace, you MUST have your form 1095-A in order to do your tax return.


What We Can Do and What We Can’t Do


We CANNOT do past year returns or amended returns until March 1, 2019.

Limited to 2017, 2016, and 2015 only.

We CANNOT do Rental Income.

We CANNOT do Clergy returns.

We CANNOT do casualty or theft losses.

We CANNOT do returns with inherited property/stock with the date of death in 2010.

We will do Self-employment, with the following restrictions: Sole proprietor, no employees, no inventory, standard mileage rate only, no home office deduction, and no depreciation.

Schedule C-EZ with expenses up to $5,000.00, and cannot show a loss.

Schedule C with expenses up to $25,000.00 and cannot show a loss.

We will do SIMPLE K-1’s as follows:

K-1 shows only interest, dividends and qualified dividends, capital gains, and royalties.


We will do North Carolina returns.  We CANNOT do returns for any other states.

If you have questions about the VITA program (not specific tax questions) please call Allie at 798-6406.

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