Exercise and Physical Fitness

Geri-Fit is still going strong!  Now there is a Geri-Fit class every day of the week! Mondays, 8:30am, Tuesdays, 8am, Wednesdays, 12 noon, Thursdays, 5:45pm, and Fridays 12 noon.

It is a 45 minute class that is mostly lifting hand weights, but there are aspects of cardio, balance, deep breathing, and stretching included. Choose from 1, 2, 3, or 5 lb. weights. Seniors love our Geri-Fit classes and we are glad to have the space and time to offer them. Hope to see you soon for a class. Please bring your own bottle of water.



The phrase “use it or lose it” really applies to senior citizens. Many who don’t exercise, or are afraid of hurting themselves in the process, start losing muscle. Losing muscle can lead to balance difficulties and falls! It is important as we age to at least maintain the muscles that we have. Listed below are our classes. Fees vary from $3 to $6 per session. No charge for all Geri-Fit classes.

So, how can the senior center help you get started, or get back into fitness?

Cardio and Weight-bearing exercise:

Aerobics – Wednesdays and Fridays, 9am.

Geri-Fit  –  Mondays, 8:30am, Tuesdays, 8am, Wednesdays, 12 noon,  Thursdays, 5:45pm, and Fridays 12 noon. We also offer a few off-site classes at the YMCA and also at Castle Hayne Baptist Church. Call 798-6409 for more information.

Strengthening and Conditioning – Mondays and Thursdays,  1:30pm.

Dance/Exercise – A combination of line dance steps and aerobics. Wednesdays, 10am

Men’s Exercise – For the guys! Monday/Wednesday/Friday, 8am.


Yoga – Mondays, 9:15am. For those who are not morning people, we have it on Thursday afternoons at 4:30

Gentle Yoga for Bone and Back Health: Tuesdays at 1:30pm and 2:45pm.

Tai-Chi for Arthritis:  Tuesdays 9am for beginners, 10am for advanced. Wednesdays 12:15pm for beginners, 1:15 for intermediate. We also offer this class at Castle Hayne Baptist Church. Call 798-6409 for more information.


We also offer Line dancing, Tap dancing, Ballet, Belly Dancing, and a sit-down chair exercise class for those with mobility issues. We have treadmills, stationary and recumbent bikes, and stair-climber machines in our Fitness room. We also have a water rower machine, one of few in New Hanover County.  On top of that, we have a staff Nutritionist who can help you with weight loss, when exercise alone is not enough.

Are you ready to get fit? Lose weight? Tighten and tone up? Drop by the Center anytime and view the classes. If you have questions please call 910-798-6409.

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