Online Fitness Class during Social Distancing

From the creator of our popular GERI-FIT exercise class . . . . .

Understanding the closures that we are faced with at senior centers, libraries and other gathering places, we wanted to let you to know that we have the capability of offering virtual classes while regular Geri-Fit classes are temporarily suspended. Each Geri-Fit student is eligible to participate in a special workout that’s shown online at their home during this downtime.  There is NO COST associated with accessing the online workout. Each Geri-Fit participant would use the Registration Link on the right side of the page at this link:


Then once they’ve registered, they will see a 6-digit client number.  They will then need to send us their Client Number at the Contact Us link below and, in the Message section, put: “Need a Make Up class for ____(NAME OF LOCATION)____. My Client Number is:_____________.”


Once we receive that, we’ll give them access to the online workout which can be viewed through their computer, phone or TV (if their phone or computer is synced with their TV.) Any questions or assistance needed in accessing virtual classes, please contact:  

Francesca Fisher

Geri-Fit Company, LLC

4350 West Camino De Venias

Tucson, AZ   85745

 Phone:       (888) 437-4348



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