• We have two chances for those who like to sing to come join us! Music events scheduled on November 7 AND November 14 are geared towards singers. Lead, harmony, alto, soprano, whatever you do we want you HERE to do it! Both start times 10am in Classroom “A”. Please keep your calendars free for both these dates! If we have good attendance we can keep on having these singing events. Hope to see you there!


  • Evening fitness class – We meet every Thursday starting at 5:45pm. It has light aerobics, hand weights, deep breathing, stretching, and balance. A complete workout. See you soon!


  • If you live on the northern end of New Hanover County or the southern end of Pender, and you want a fitness class, but it is just too far to get to us, we will come to you! We are going to start a Geri-Fit fitness class in Wrightsboro! We will be at the Wrightsboro Baptist Church (10:30am-11:15am) starting WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 3rd! Annette Crumpton will be your Licensed Geri-Fit Instructor. For more information, call:  763-3181   Ext:  103


  • Gentle Yoga for Bone and Back Health is a mat/chair yoga class designed for people who are experiencing back issues, have been diagnosed with Osteopenia/ Osteoporosis, or have difficulty getting up and down off the mat.  The cost for this class is $5 per class. For information on days and times, contact Annette Crumpton 910-617-2011. Space is limited so please check with Annette for enrollment status.


  • Alzheimer’s Support number is 910-233-9538. 


  • Contributions to support Title III-D EBHP classes such as Tai Chi for Arthritis, Geri Fit and Matter of Balance are encouraged and always appreciated. 

This can be in the form of cash, check, OR  8 oz. water bottles, or boxed breakfast bars. Please see the Activities Dept.  

We have had several contributions of Feeding Tube Products in the past. Unfortunately, we cannot use these items or give them away to Center participants. These products are not like Ensure or Boost drinks. As far as other contributions, we have plenty of books, magazines, jigsaw puzzles, VHS tapes and board games. Please do not bring these items to the Center. Instead, take them to the Seamen’s Center, Goodwill, or Salvation Army. We cannot use scraps of sewing material, but we can use yarn….. but only certain types/colors/thicknesses. PLEASE call and ask before bringing yarn! You can call 798-6406. Thank  you.


  • BRIDGE –   Monday Duplicate Bridge, 686-5554   /   Tuesday Intermediate Contract Rubber Party Bridge, 367-6739  /  Wednesday Bridge, 399-8306

OTHER OFF-SITE BRIDGE INFORMATION: 452-3057, 799-4287, 763-4079, 681-3715, or 232-2754. Anyone at these numbers should be able to tell you several different places around Wilmington to play, including the facility at the Government Center. They also should know of any bridge lessons. 

On the first Wednesday of each month we have a one-hour program that lets seniors know about upcoming opportunities for trips and travel. Most of these trips are in VA, NC and SC but there are others. If you want to learn about upcoming trips please join us at 11am on the first Wednesday of each month in Craftroom 2. These are not Senior Center sponsored trips. We do not know ahead of time what trips are planned or any of the destinations.  For any questions about travel, please call – – – – –Phone: 910-791-0554   Email:

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