Beginning June 1st, fans will be available to beat the heat through our Operation Fan Heat Relief!!! Operation Fan Heat Relief is a special emergency assistance program to help older adult North Carolinians cope with summer heat. The project began in 1986 and is made possible by contributions from Duke Energy Progress. The SRC also receives tremendous support and fans from WECT’s Fran’s Fans, who has been an amazing resource to seniors for many years. Fans are distributed by the NHC Senior Resource Center and are given as a gift – they are not to be loaned or retrieved at the end of the summer. To be eligible, the client must reside in New Hanover County, be 60 years of age or older or with a disability, and must have a home situation where a threat to health and well-being exists. Fan distribution will begin on Monday, June 1st between 11am – 1 pm daily through our drive-thru meal pickup line at the Senior Center. For more details on this program, contact us at 798-6400.

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