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NOTICE: We recently advertised about trying to locate instructors willing to teach others the game of Bridge. Please note:

  1. This would be strictly volunteer – we do not have the funds to pay any bridge instructors.
  2. The bridge lessons would have to be held at another facility – our rooms are booked solid.

We apologize for any confusion that was caused!



BRIDGE – Monday afternoon Duplicate Bridge, 686-5554 / Tuesday Intermediate Contract Rubber Party Bridge, 367-6739 / Wednesday Morning Bridge, 313-0513

OFF-SITE BRIDGE INFORMATION: 452-3057, 799-4287, 763-4079, 681-3715, or 232-2754. Anyone at these numbers should be able to tell you several different places around Wilmington to play, including the facility at the Government Center. They also should know of any bridge lessons. 

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