Frequently Asked Questions – New! May 2017

  1. What are your hours? Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm. On Thursdays, we have these in the evening as well: Tai Chi for Arthritis, 76ers Square Dance, and Geri Fit. On the 2nd Tuesday of each month, we have the Over 50’s Dance in the evening. We have evening dances on the first Saturday evening and the second Saturday evening of each month, too.
  2. Do you have a staff person who is a Certified Notary? We sure do! Becky Hayes is one, Valorie Hatten is the other. We hope to have Tina Heath certified soon!
  3. What do I need to do if I want to purchase Boost? You can come on in and purchase Boost, Ensure or Glucerna. No Prescription Needed. All prices include sales tax. SELL DATES:  Ensure/Boost – Tuesdays 8-11am and Thursdays 2-4:30pmPRICES:

    Prices are effective Spring 2017:

    Boost Regular – 27 in a case: $27.80

    Boost Plus – 27 in a case: $33.30

    Boost High Protein – 27 in a case: $33.30

    Boost Glucose Control – 27 in a case: $36.10

    Ensure Regular 24 cans per case:                    $27.00/case

    Ensure Plus 24 cans per case:                           $33.00/case

    Ensure High Protein Muscle Health:              $33.00/case

    Ensure Muscle Health is in 8 oz. bottles and a case contains 24 bottles

    Glucerna 24 cans per case:                                           $39.00/case

Please email your questions to and we will list it here, along with the answers.

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