A word about donations. . . . .

As much as we appreciate donations to the Center, we must ask that certain items not be donated, as we have no space to store them, or have few seniors wanting these items:

*Feeding Tube Products – We are not referring to things like Ensure or Boost. Feeding Tube products are not nutritional supplements that we can give away to our participants. These are liquids specifically for those in Hospice care or otherwise cannot eat foods and must be fed through a tube in their stomach. We are trying to find a place that will accept these items, as we have had two donations in just a few weeks. We will update this page as soon as we can find a place.

*VHS Tapes – As most families use DVD players or streaming devices, and have worn out or tossed out their VCRs, there are few seniors wanting to take these items home.

*Jigsaw puzzles – As of now, we have plenty of puzzles and do not have the space to store more.

*Board games – We have plenty of board games and do not have the space to store more.

*Magazines – Only if they are less than 3 months old.

*Books – We can take 3 or 4 newer hardback books. We may be able to take 3 or 4 newer paperback books. Some of our library space is now dedicated to the Medicare program, so we must REALLY be aware of all the book donations!


The reason for the restriction on the above items is simple: we want to discourage persons who are trying to empty out a house of a deceased loved one, or to clean out a house of a loved one going into long-term care. We understand that it may be difficult to throw away so many of the above mentioned items. The Center is just not able to properly take on boxes of books, bags of magazines, and things like VHS tapes, board games and puzzles.

Due to storage limitations, we do not accept donations of books, magazines, jigsaw puzzles, or board games. You may call 297-3669 to donate these items to the International Seamens Center on Shipyard Boulevard, Wilmington. Goodwill and the Salvation Army are two other places that will accept these items. 

I will work with you to find a suitable home for these items, as some agencies will take these items as donations. Please call 798-6409 before bringing these items to the Center. We appreciate your understanding.

OTHER ITEMS: Please read  – – – – – – – – To donate items such as walkers, wheelchairs, raised toilet seats, etc. please contact Pine Valley United Methodist Church at (910) 791-0353.

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